How to Sync ClickUp Google Calendar


A task management system like ClickUp keeps you organized and on top of things by connecting with your Google Calendar. Creating tasks for yourself is easy when you use Google Calendar to keep track of events. For example, say you have a meeting tomorrow at 9 am. You can create a task in ClickUp that will appear in your dashboard at 9 am on the day of the meeting. 

Connect your Google Calendar with ClickUp to sync on the fly. Easily view all of its events in one place and take action!

What is ClickUp, and how can it help with Google Calendar synchronization needs

With the ClickUp Calendar view, you can display your Google calendar events alongside ClickUp tasks. You can also sync to display ClickUp charges on your Google Calendar!

ClickUp automatically syncs titles, start dates, and due dates with Google Calendar. With two-way Sync enabled, any changes to ClickUp tasks will instantly be reflected in your Google Calendar. Likewise, when changes are made to synced task triggers in Google Calendar, those changes will be reflected in ClickUp.

What is ClickUp Google Calendar Sync? 

Simply put, Sync allows you to update a task in Google Calendar and see the changes reflected in ClickUp. This also works for events - make an existing event change in ClickUp, and see it appear instantly on your Google Calendar. With Google Calendar, you can get a time view of all your tasks in ClickUp for the day, week, or month.

Rather than letting your big projects overwhelm you, try organizing them on a Calendar. This will help you stay on track and be more productive. Start by blocking off time for each task, and make sure to avoid any distractions that could interfere with your progress.

How Can It Help With Google Calendar Synchronization?

Zapier makes it easy to transfer data between ClickUp and Google Calendar. Any new or updated event or an existing task scheduled in Google Calendar will be visible in ClickUp (and vice versa).

Using ClickUp To Manage Projects and Coordinate Work

Assign the task to an individual

After creating the tasks and sub-tasks in the list, we assign each to a team member so they can begin working. Assignees will get notifications for their respective tasks or subtask.

Determine a due date and how long the task should take.

ClickUp allows you to set a due date and estimated time for each task and subtask so that the assigned individual can complete it by the specified deadline.

Please enter a description for this task/subtask. By adding a description or guideline for the task in the description box of the task/subtask, those assigned to the task will better understand what is expected from them.

Attachments, checklists, or templates can help make your email more organized and professional.

You can also attach any relevant files, checklists,s or templates to tasks or subtasks as needed for the project requirements or specific job.

Change your current status.

The assignee must update the task/subtask status as they work, according to the situations in Click Up.

Time Tracking

After gathering the necessary information, the person assigned to the task can begin work by clicking on the time-tracking icon. This allows us to see how much time has been dedicated to the task.

Add Comments

If the work is completed, or if the assignee has any questions, they can leave a comment and tag the team member's name. Project managers or other team members can also comment and reply to specific words.

How to Create ClickUp Task from New Google Calendar Event (step by step)

All events you have synced with your Google Calendar will appear in every view of the calendar for all Workspaces you are a member of. However, it's important to note that Google Calendar Tasks will not sync.

  • The only available calendars are from the My Calendars section of Google.
  • You can turn your Google Calendars on or off.
  • Creating an event search in Google Calendar will not automatically generate a new task in ClickUp.

Setting up your ClickUp account to work with your Google Calendar.

  • There are several ways you can connect your Google Calendar to ClickUp:
  • To create a new calendar, open the right sidebar and click + Add calendar from any view.
  • First, click on the Profile avatar menu to access your Calendar settings. Then, click My Settings under the My Apps section, followed by the calendar.
  • To add an account, click the + sign.
  • If you haven't connected an account yet, select 'Connect new account.' Follow the steps provided to finish authorizing.
  • You can either sync events to ClickUp or tasks to Google. To enable two-way Sync, follow these steps for both options.
  • Please click the "next" button.
  • Click the "Got it!" button.

How to manage tasks and appointments in both tools simultaneously.

You may be tempted to use Google Calendar as a team calendar for your projects if you already use it to manage meetings and appointments with your work team. Clickup is a task management tool that syncs with Google Calendar and Tasks, making it easy to keep track of your to-dos. For example, you can add and edit appointment details in one calendar while creating appointments in another, or vice versa!

If there was a marketing team using ClickUp to manage projects and work together; they would have created stages of development for upcoming content to share with other teams. By doing this, the different groups can see what is happening. Use this tool to tell employees when to post content on their platforms, tell sales representatives when new resources will be ready, and more. You can sync tasks and lists by connecting ClickUp with Google Calendar, including assignees, details, dates, times, etc.

How to Add tasks from Google Calendar to ClickUp

  • To add tasks from Google Calendar, open the calendar in question and select Add a detailed event using this option.
  • You will be asked to input basic information about where it's being held or what period is being covered by adding new events into ClickUp (such as "Evening Seminar").
  • From there, you can choose whether they're meetings that need notes taken during them or just regular attendance - which means no writing anything down!
  • Before confirming all details, the last step prompts users for their email addresses so someone else can send over any additional thoughts on said meeting once it is finished.

Popular Ways to Connect ClickUp with Google Calendar

  • When linking tasks to Google, you have the option of syncing tasks from a Space, Folder, or List.
  • To sync, tasks must have either a start date or a due date. Tasks without this information in ClickUp will not appear on Google Calendar.
  • If a task's due date has passed, it won't sync to Google Calendar.
  • Only the current instance of a task comment will sync from ClickUp to Google, not future recurring tasks.
  • ClickUp tasks can only be synced to a personal Google Calendar, not a shared one.
  • The default start time is midnight if a task list doesn't have a specific start time.
  • Tasks in ClickUp with set dates but no specified times become all-day events in Google.
  • Tasks bulk Sync to Google Calendar up to 60 days in the future so that the system won't get overwhelmed and Google's API will be unaffected.

Tips for getting the most out of your ClickUp/Google Calendar integration

Step 1: You must sign in to your ClickUp, and Google Calendar accounts to use them together.

Step 2: The automation process will begin immediately after you select one of the apps.

Step 3: Choose an action from the other app that you want to happen.

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other, so you can have more time to work on other things.

What are the benefits of Syncing ClickUp Google Calendar?

  • You can easily view your upcoming events on any device or platform.
  • Notifications sent to your mobile phone will keep you up-to-date with deadlines and times no matter where in the world you are.
  • By getting reminders of what is due specific days in advance, your employees can easily handle their work week with ease ̶ simply sending them an email.
  • You can access your account anytime, from anywhere, and your data will automatically sync between devices. 


If I enter an event in Google Calendar, will it also appear in ClickUp?

Any events on your Google Calendar will also show up on your ClickUp Calendar view, and any changes you make in either calendar will be reflected in both!

Do changes made in my calendar sync back to ClickUp?

Please note that this is a one-way synchronization. Any changes in ClickUp will be seen in your external calendar application, but any changes made to the latter will not update in ClickUp.

Is it possible to connect to more than one calendar?

You can connect as many calendars as you want by clicking the Connect button multiple times.

Can you integrate ClickUp and Google Calendar?

The quick, easy way to move information between ClickUp and Google Calendar is using our two-way Sync. This allows you to create new events or tasks in either platform and automatically show the changes in the other.

What are the restrictions? 

ClickUp tasks can only be synced to a personal Google Calendar, not a shared one. If a task in ClickUp doesn't have a start time, the system automatically sets the start time to midnight. Tasks that contain dates but no specified times are set to "All day events" in Google.

July 29, 2022
Robbin Schuchmann
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