How to Use ClickUp: Managing Your Projects & Expanding Your Business


Business owners are too familiar with the following scenario: Everything seems pretty doable when you first start. However, when your company expands and adds team members, customers, and projects, things begin to go through the gaps. So you try juggling to-do lists, emails, and project management software to keep organized, only to discover that your chores and projects are entirely dispersed.

Sounds familiar?

First, be aware that this is a typical situation for companies. Second, be mindful that ClickUp is a tool you can use to manage your tasks, keep organized, and get back on track.

What is ClickUp?

Your tasks, projects, and to-dos may all be managed using the project management (PM) platform ClickUp. To remain on top of things that works for you, ClickUp enables you to design and modify your dashboards, unlike other PM solutions with boards and lists.

How to make use of ClickUp for business

Document Management

You may save and manage all of your papers in ClickUp rather than exchanging deliverables back and forth. To advance projects, you may also add and see comments on documents.

Time tracking

How long do jobs and projects last? Which one is taking the longest? You may monitor time in ClickUp directly, ensuring correct invoicing and generating efficiencies where necessary. Time estimates may also be used to achieve precisely what they say they will: anticipate how long an activity or project will take.

Faster task management

If you've ever used a project management program that calls for a lot of manual updating, you know it may be more trouble than it's worth. You may choose numerous jobs in ClickUp and modify them all at once, whether you need to update their due dates, relocate them, or altogether remove them.

Create templates

This functionality is for you if you routinely repeat a lot of projects and procedures. To simplify duplicating a project or group of tasks in the future, ClickUp allows you to build templates for each one. In other words, you don't need to manually create tasks and to-do lists; they are already made for you!

Custom dashboards

Even though we have said this, it bears repeating. (How fantastic is this feature!) Dashboards allow you to gather specialized data both within and outside of ClickUp. Not to brag, but you can use them for client project dashboards, and the organization never fails to impress the customers!

Track and manage emails

The Chrome extensions from ClickUp make email monitoring simpler than ever. It allows you to delegate work directly from your inbox and even capture and transmit screenshots of your emails, so your team can see new requests without entering them into their email account.

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Other great ClickUp features

Even though we've highlighted a few incredible ClickUp features, there are still many time-saving tips and tricks that other tools lack. Items like:

  • Slash commands
  • Favorites bar
  • 'Me' mode
  • Custom brand colors
  • Google Docs integration
  • Embedding links
  • And so much more!

Now that you know more about how ClickUp can help manage your projects and business give it a try. With its customizable dashboard, time tracking abilities, and document management features, you'll find that everything is much easier to handle when everything is in one place. The other great features we didn't have space to mention getGet started with ClickUp today and watch your business thrive.

July 29, 2022
Robbin Schuchmann
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