How to Implement a ClickUp Blogging Workflow


How to Implement a ClickUp Blogging Workflow

The most straightforward approach to guarantee that everything is finished while developing content is to create a workflow or procedure, as some may choose to call it. Then, make sure you tick every box, you understand?

Most people don't know how much labor it takes to create a blog article or a YouTube video.

There is a lot to accomplish, including brainstorming, researching, making an outline, writing the content, and selling it.

What Your Workflow Needs to Include:

  • ClickUp
  • ClickUp has room for your blog or channel.
  • a process-related list
  • Each step of the procedure has a checklist.
  • Automating the process to include each new concept

So there you have it—a basic overview of everything you'll need for ClickUp. You can certainly adapt this to another project management system and personalize it as you desire.

What does it mean to have a ClickUp Workspace?

A workspace in ClickUp is a comprehensive place that may house all your content from inside ClickUp. For example, your office has the potential to serve as both a client space and a marketing location. ClickUp is the digital space for this type of work.

A ClickUp workspace contains:

  • Lists: used to organize your thoughts and processes related to your content strategy
  • Tasks: the specific steps you need to take to complete your content
  • Comments: a place where you can leave feedback or collaborate with others on the task at hand
  • Attachments: any supporting files like images, documents, or links that will help you complete the task
  • Assignees: people who are responsible for completing tasks within the workspace
  • Due Dates: keep yourself accountable by setting deadlines for each task
  • Priorities: ensure that the most important tasks are getting done first by assigning

What does it mean to have a ClickUp Space?

One location inside an overall ClickUp workplace is called a "ClickUp space." This can be a blog, a channel, or anything else you might desire.

What exactly is meant by a "ClickUp Project"?

In ClickUp, a project is a location where you may save all the lists and tasks you want to create for a single project. You may, for instance, have projects in your marketing area for the development of funnels, the production of content, and increased exposure or traffic, similar to how social media works. Each of those projects is, in essence, a folder, and it contains all of the different lists that are associated with my processes.

In ClickUp, what exactly is a list?

If you're familiar with Trello, think of a list in ClickUp as analogous to a board in Trello. (If you're not, there's no need to worry about it!) Each list has been adapted specifically for the project or process that I am now working on.

Now that you have all of this information, you need to figure out how to bring it all together and create a process that is more beneficial to you than it is confusing.

How may a template for a checklist be created?

You will need to add a checklist to your subtask, and you will need to give it a name. The next step is to fill your checklist with all the tasks you wish to achieve. After that, you are free to delegate the responsibilities to yourself or your team members if you so want.

After that, you will choose the "save as template" option by clicking the three dots, giving the template a name, and saving it.

You are now able to include that checklist into the entire template.

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What are the requirements for the workflow of this Clickup blog?

It will depend on what you decide to do with your material after it is finished being created. For example, you may incorporate YouTube, your email list, and other social media channels. The next step is to take this information and put it together using each of your channels.

You can generate a task for each content idea, and inside that job, you can generate templated subtasks for YouTube, social media, Pinterest, newsletters, and blogs.

Individual items on the to-do list are included inside each subtask.

You may also include a checklist as a component of the entire work. This checklist might consist of items such as doing keyword research, planning the article or video, filming the blog post, and writing the blog post.

YouTube ClickUp Process

You may construct a checklist inside this subtask and save it as a template. These items may be on that list:

  • Submitting Uncut Video to the Editor
  • Final Video to YouTube and Optimise It
  • The Description's Composition
  • Placing Cards
  • Put the Video URL You Copied in the Content Hub.
  • Add an End Screen.
  • Upload the Video to Pinterest.

ClickUp's Social Media Process

You may add a checklist to your social media approach that includes the following:

  • Create FB Image
  • Create IG feed image
  • Create Story image
  • Share video to FB
  • Share video to IG Stories

Process Of Pinterest In ClickUp

One of your helpers can more or less manage the content pipeline for the Pinterest procedure. This procedure entails:

  • Create five images
  • KW research
  • Schedule to Tailwind
  • Pin to Tribes
  • Grab the first Pin URL & put it in the content hub
  • Please write a description & paste it into the content hub

Process of Blogging in ClickUp

Since this procedure is more technical, there will be lessons within each to-do item when you employ someone to take over this workflow section. This list serves as an example for now. This blogging procedure entails:

  • Create a Google Docs post and save it as a subtask.
  • In Divi, format a blog post
  • Grab the YouTube URL from the content center and add it to the Divi module.
  • Social Warfare's "Insert Social Images" and "Optimize"
  • Complete Yoast
  • Link the last blog post to the content center.
  • Blog URL added to RecurPost plus one month.

Process for Newsletters in ClickUp

The easiest of all of them is how I go about creating my newsletters. It contains:

  • Add a YouTube video link and thumbnail to the email body.
  • Put a CTA and a summary of this week's content in your newsletter.
  • Each job completes the whole procedure from beginning to end.

A Complete ClickUp Process

The step in the procedure that is most likely the easiest is this one. When you wish to publish anything or when your audience requests something, you may prioritize all of your ideas into tasks. Timelines for various types of promotion may also be taken into account. Therefore, you will produce more material centered on that if you want to sell more courses, etc.

When you decide on a concept for a piece of content, you may move it to the "writing & filming" state, where you can start doing your research and creating an outline. Additionally, you may choose a date and then begin the manufacturing.

Once you start writing the material, you may take it to the editing stage, where you can format it, create photos, edit the video, and publish it when you're ready.

Once everything is put together, it continues to plan, where you often complete making the photographs and schedule the sharing at this point. Once published, you may change its status to closed, where it will remain forever.

Inside your ClickUp list, you may modify your statuses any way you want. You may also choose from one of their pre-made templated blog post workflows.

ClickUp is an online project management tool that can help you organize your content creation process. For example, you can create a ClickUp workflow for your blog, including tasks and checklists to help you produce high-quality content. You can also use ClickUp to manage your social media posts, newsletters, and other promotional materials.

July 29, 2022
Robbin Schuchmann
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