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All about the July 2021 Google Core Update


Recently, two Core Algorithm Updates took place. Typically, a Core Update is designed to make relevant and authoritative content more prioritized and presented more often in search results. These updates are always updates to the breadth of the algorithm. So you won't see differences from this because you operate in a certain industry or offer certain types of content. This update affects all websites in the Google index. These Core Updates can also affect the results within Google Discover.

Google July core update

The core of the July 1 Core Update "Put focus on the content".

Good content is becoming increasingly important and this is certainly the case after the Core Update. The algorithm will positively reward good content resulting in a higher position in the search results. In this context, we have prepared a number of questions so that you can easily determine for yourself whether your website is well prepared for the upcoming Google Core Updates.

Questions about content and quality:

  • Does your content provide original information, reports, research or analysis?
  • Is your content complete and comprehensive on a given topic?
  • Does your content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that you can't just read anywhere?
  • If the content is based on other sources, avoid copying or rewriting these sources, but try to provide substantial value and originality.
  • Does the title and/or page title provide a descriptive and useful summary of the content?
  • Is the title not excessive or shocking in nature?
  • Is this the kind of page you would add to a magazine, share with friends or recommend to others?
  • Are there enough visual additions present that take the content to the next level for the visitor? Think images, videos, charts and the like.

In addition to the content-related questions, there are also a number of concerns or questions related to the presentation and form of the content. The most important questions are:

  • Is the content free of spelling or stylistic problems?
  • Does content display well for mobile devices when displayed on them?
  • Does the content provide substantial value compared to other pages in search results?
  • Is the content free of easily verifiable factual errors?

What is the impact of the Core Update?

I am currently monitoring multiple websites and closely following the rollout of the July Core Update. Have you been affected by the update or are you seeing an unexplained drop in your organic results?

Our SEO experts will look at various relevant SEO guidelines and will make recommendations. This way we can make sure that your site is optimized for future Core Updates and will perform better according to the adjusted Google Algorithm. This advice has already been recognized as very valuable by many organizations. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Every day Google publishes one or more changes to its search engine algorithm that are designed to improve our search results. Most are not noticeable, but help us continue to improve incrementally.Sometimes an update can be more noticeable, this is certainly true of the July 1, 2021 Core Update. Google strives to confirm such updates when they believe there is useful information that site owners, content producers or others can use to improve their website. For example when recently the "core web vitals update" occurred.
July 29, 2022
Robbin Schuchmann
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