ClickUp Gantt Chart: How To Create It?


When selecting the best software system for your company, you must consider all key factors. There are a few ways to reduce the time it takes to complete multiple projects, but improving your project management software is one of them. After all, isn't it usually the component that gets utilized the most? So, how do you ensure that the project management software you use provides the key features you want or need for your business?

ClickUp's Gantt charts are easily customizable, allowing project managers to efficiently plan and manage an entire team with little stress.

What Is a Gantt Chart?

After all, before you commit to using them instead of another option, you must understand what you're getting into. The Gantt chart tool helps businesses track current and upcoming projects. This is especially useful for larger companies that want to ensure every step is carried out correctly.

With Gantt chart software, you can effectively create projects, assign and schedule multiple tasks, establish deadlines, develop dependencies, and more. Essentially, anything you want your team to know about the project while they're working on it can be included in the Gantt chart to ensure that they stay on track and up to date on all of their responsibilities. This will make completing your tasks a lot simpler.

What Are The Benefits of Gantt Charts?

  • Learn what's going on in your projects. - One of the main benefits of using a complimentary online Gantt chart for a task management system is that you can track every element related to the project in one location.
  • Communication and team cohesion will improve.- Secure and effective communication is vital to the success of any project. 86% of employees feel that a lack of communication is the leading cause of workplace failures. In contrast, Gantt Charts are widely recognized for their excellent communication skills.
  • To keep from becoming overwhelmed, be choosy about which resources you use. - When resources are stretched too thin, problems inevitably arise. Gantt charts improve your project management by showing a project's timeline and where resources are used most.
  • Track the progression of projects - You may keep track of the progress of your projects in a Gantt chart program after you've scheduled them. With the project progress measure feature, you can reassess your strategy if it takes longer than anticipated.
  • View activities and task dependencies that overlap. - Sometimes, you can't begin one job until another related task is done.
  • Experience enhanced clarity - It's not a pleasant sensation to be trapped in a project and has no idea where it will lead. It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed or get stuck while working on a project, but Gantt charts give you a clearer perspective with just one click.

How Gantt Charts Work in ClickUp

ClickUp's online Gantt charts are user-friendly and offer the following benefits:

  • Viewing dependencies - In addition, 'ClickUp' offers a Gantt chart view that makes it extremely simple to create Gantt charts and visualize task interdependencies.
  • Rescheduling dependencies - Adjusting the dependencies of your different tasks is the most challenging aspect of rescheduling them. You'll have difficulties if they don't match your project's timetable.
  • Planned vs. actual dates - Project management deals with unexpected events.
  • Group rescheduling - Do you want to reschedule the entire project? ClickUp is a project management software that can help you with whatever you need! Drag and drop a project on your Gantt Chart template, and it'll automatically change your start date, due date, and dependencies.

How To Create Gantt Charts in ClickUp

  1. Select any space near your folder once you are in your account.
  2. The Add a New View page should appear. Select "Add a new view." To make a new view, click the "View" button at the top of your screen.
  3. Select Gantt from the list. You can refuse third-party access or pin the idea if you want it displayed.
  4. To add a picture, click the "Add View" button.

Additional Gantt chart settings

Changing color schemes

ClickUp has several built-in color schemes to choose from. For example, active tasks are blue, milestones are yellow, and complete tasks are green. Functions with a high level of importance can also be distributed to various team members depending on their urgency.

  • Red for Urgent.
  • Blue for Normal.
  • Gray for Low.
  • White for None.

Other color options for lists and statuses are available.

Adding items to your Gantt chart

The next screen contains a to-do list that you can segment into organize tasks and subtasks. The expandable bar makes it easy to change items by hovering over the level you want to edit.

  • Open the Gantt view on the selected workspace.
  • Click the + icon next to a folder to add a task. Keep in mind that only scheduled tasks are shown.

Viewing and managing dependencies

By drawing a line between the related tasks, you can easily find dependencies in the Gantt chart in ClickUp. In addition, the Reschedule Dependencies setting can be enabled by clicking the three dots at the top of the workspace. This function allows you to grab any task on your chart and adjust the scheduling.

Rescheduling projects in the Group Scheduling feature

If the entire project must be rescheduled, ClickUp's Group Scheduling tool can assist. Drag and drop projects on the Gantt chart to modify the project start and end dates. You can also delete dependencies using this method.

Progress Tracking of Gantt chart

The progress bar at the top of the workspace tells you how much of a project is left or what still needs to be done. Tasks completed divided by the total number of functions in a group are used by ClickUp to calculate how far into a project it will take to finish it.


Gantt charts are a necessary tool in today's project management. Using ClickUp as chart software, you may track task dependencies and deadlines and format data series.

ClickUp's Gantt charts are easy to create, read, fully customizable, and understand. The drag-and-drop interface makes it perfect for complex projects. In addition, the simplicity and level of the organization allow for the simple administration of flexible projects without any difficulties.

July 29, 2022
Robbin Schuchmann
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