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About Robbin Schuchmann

Professional background

Robbin Schuchmann is a seasoned SEO Consultant with a rich portfolio of experiences across various industries. They are the Co-founder of Internship Matching since 2023 and the Founder of Seotisfy since 2022. Robbin has also garnered experience as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at Improove and as an External SEO Consultant at Surfshark in 2022.

Professional background

Prior to their current roles, Robbin worked as an SEO consultant at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach in 2021 and co-founded Internship Abroad in 2020. They have also consulted for Forbes, PCMag, and Techradar, adding to their impressive repertoire.


Robbin obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Consultancy from Windesheim in 2019 and another Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the same institution. They also pursued a minor in Event Management at Windesheim in 2017.

Founder of Internship Abroad

Robbin Schuchmann is the visionary founder of Internship Abroad, a groundbreaking platform established in 2020 that aims to simplify and streamline the internship search for students looking to gain global experience. Leveraging their extensive background in SEO and digital marketing, Robbin has built Internship Abroad into a go-to resource that offers not only internship matching but also comprehensive support services such as visa guidance, accommodation arrangements, and an online community for students. Through strategic partnerships and digital marketing initiatives, Robbin has successfully turned Internship Abroad into a trusted name, helping students from diverse backgrounds achieve their career aspirations overseas.

Companies Robbin has founded

Robbin Schuchmann has founded multiple companies that aim to revolutionize the digital space and student internship experience. They established Internship Abroad in 2020, followed by the co-founding of Internship Matching in 2023. In addition, Robbin also founded Seotisfy in 2022, specializing in SEO services.

Robbin Schuchmann

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